Essay about warehouse

Essay about warehouse

Essay about warehouse
The warehouse is one of the most important links in the movement of goods from the place of production to the final consumer. The main task of the warehouse is storage of food products and goods of the non-food group. It is important to note that the period of storage of goods in the warehouse can be from several hours to several years.

From history, the first warehouses arose in Egypt during the reign of the Sixth Dynasty about 4300 years ago, at that time agricultural goods were stored in granaries as the only variation of warehouses.What types of warehouses exist today?Nowadays there are many types of warehouse space. The premises can be classified according to the following parameters.

Depending on a design it can be the open areas, half-closed constructions, bunkers, hangars. They are also classified according to the things that are stored , there are specialized and universal warehouses. Moreover, warehouses vary in size. Furthermore, one should not forget that the choice of a warehouse will depend on all characteristics of goods which you are going to store there.

In the logistics processes, warehouses perform the following functions: temporary placement and storage of material stocks, transformations of material streams, ensuring logistic service in the system of service.

To conclude, warehousing plays an important role in such sphere as logistics. In most logistic systems, it’s role is not only in storage, but also in the distribution of products based on specified criteria. What is more, warehouses play an important role at all levels of the national economy in every country. The positive role of warehousing lies in the fact that alignment of production is ensured and the necessary technical and organizational conditions are created for picking up cargo.

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