Essay about way

Essay about way

The road is a way in the unknown, the path in the new time. Just think about how many aircraft are now, the ships follow their route. Every second a new route is born. Every minute new child is born. Life is an endless journey of wandering and adventure. It is about the way of my life I will tell …

My name is Mr. A. In early 2001 I returned with my wife from a small cruise trip. The road was difficult. All the swimming was cold and painful. And when there began a fever, we began to crumble at all. It is worth noting that my wife is very afraid of gulls. Yes, it is them! And on the ship they were very much. Because of this, her condition worsened.

An hour later, the doctor examined my wife and said: «Mr., you have to be happy!»
I was surprised. My sick wife lies in the cabin, and I have to rejoice!
«Mr., you will have a baby!»
For a moment, I lost orientation. And after some time, I was already running and jumping from happiness.
Now my son is three years old. His name is Alfred. He loves to swim very much, but he is madly afraid of gulls.

Happiness is a family. And my happy road by the sea gave me the new life that I had been waiting for a very long time.
Whichever road you have, you should always look for something good, positive. I’m happy, my wife is happy, my son is also happy. Believe that the road will become for you a fateful, landmark into a bright future.

Recently I read one book, I do not remember the name. The book says that all our dreams and desires are realized when the collective mind wants it. I sincerely believe that the desire of my wife and my desire became real and realized into the road, because the road is a transition from a comfortable place, to the place of something uncharted. Every step on the future is a road, every flight of a butterfly is a road.
I summarized my thoughts in my short story. I think you liked it.

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