Essay about work

Essay about work

Essay work
Work takes an important place in life. The better you work the more you get paid. Salary gives us an opportunity to buy things we need: clothes, cars, flats, food. Also we can save some money for future. A job allows a person to feel independent and valuable. It’s good to be able to earn for living. Then it’s possible to afford many objects. Now education costs much, so if we want to provide our children with excellent knowledge we should think of higher wages, because the work always feeds us.

But working hard is difficult. It needs energy and motivation. If you have goals to make a career, achieve the top, get a lot of money you will try to move ahead. It’s necessary to become the best in the the chosen field, training the skills and getting more experience. After several attempts you’ll succeed. Never mind if you don’t manage to implement all duties brilliant. Later you’ll learn how to reach better results. Relationship with colleagues as well can influence on your mood or wish to work. When you are surrounded by people who treat you well, who are understanding and willing to help, the atmosphere in the office is friendly. This aspect brings moral satisfaction and common harmony in the community.

Going to work we usually think of benefits we have. We’re sure in our future, we know that we will be full and dressed, our children won’t suffer from poverty or absence of main things, like books, shoes. We are able to pay for studies and even have a fun. Enjoying the life is a natural demand. When people get tired they should take it easy. They may go to public places of entertainment. Some prefer dancing, singing, clubbing. The others visit sights. Women like going shopping. These activities need expenditures. So the work is the foundation of the solvation of many problems and financial freedom.

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