Essay about world health organization

Essay about world health organization

The World Health Organization is the United Nations agency. It was formed on April 7, 1948. If you believe its founders, then this organization is trying for the common good. The main goal of this community of great proportions is to achieve the highest possible level of health.

To fulfill its mission, the World Health Organization closely monitors the health of representatives of different nationalities, fights against difficult-to-cure and incurable diseases, fights against outbreaks of viruses in different corners of the world.
Not always, the work of the World Health Organization is performed flawlessly and at a high level. It has not managed to cope with some diseases yet. For example, the many ebola virus that is of concern today is still actively developing. Scientists make different guesses of the development of this disease, but still cannot exterminate it and this must be done because in 90% of the cases of ebola lead to death.

In addition, the organization still failed to solve the problem with cholera and malaria. However, because of this, it is impossible to reduce its services. Whatever we say, they have tried hard to achieve the salvation of the lives of thousands and millions of people. Among other things, they developed a vaccine in huge quantities, which helped to overcome tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B, flu, meningitis and various other diseases.

Also a huge success for WHO is the victory over the disease, which claimed the lives of several million people – over smallpox. If you believe the calculations, at the moment, if smallpox were not eliminated, this terrible disease would bring death to more than forty million people.

As you can see, the successes and achievements of the World Health Organization are good. We hope that the institution will only improve the results of the work in the future!

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