Essay about world issues

Essay about world issues

Global problems of the world
For many years the nature of trying to fix what the man had done. And often people can not cope with the forces of nature causing global problems in the world.
Of course the main world problem is the environment. The environment is in a terrible state. This was influenced by all sorts of plants, huge waste dumps, draining waste into waterways.numerous emissions of toxins into the air significantly degrade the quality of life, affect the health of people and all life on the planet.

Already is very noticeable climate change, which of course is unlikely to result in something good, changing the landscape of the earth, but people still build and build cities, factories, despite the reduction of species of animals, plants, seemed to have forgotten the curriculum, which States that plants produce oxygen.

Another quite significant problem is the overpopulation of the planets. It causes as social problems, economic and environmental. The planet do not have enough for all the resources and people quickly “suck” everything out of the planet by destroying it.
Killing humanity in the same way drug addiction and AIDS. Despite the fact that the 21st century society have not learned to control his personal life and health, as well as morality, because there are people who intend to infect other people with AIDS. Or inciting the use of drugs. But luckily this problem can be solved.

Big threat and perhaps the most dangerous is thermonuclear war. Even the smallest of the weapons available to States, can cause huge damage to the planet that people will not be able to eliminate.
Whatever the problems in the world, it all depends on the people themselves and their desire to interact with nature and maybe someday people will stop and realize that they do not develop, and already killing the planet, what is the point of development of society if sooner or later, it will be because most people?

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