Essay about world peace

Essay about world peace

World peace
History is a tail of peace and wars. And till this time the peace is just a dream. In every country people talk about peace. But in the same time they prepare for fight.
All countries raise their defense budgets. We can remain about cold war between USA and the Soviet Empire. Now Russia had the biggest submarines for to protect territory. With the fall of communism many countries were like in collapse. Nowadays big world wars are changed in small. And small wars are even worse, because they can continue many years.

Till that time we can see the wars in the Islamic brotherhood. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Syria… And not even Islamic world. Even in Europe. Yugoslavia was broken. There is the same problem in Africa. Millions people died in South Africa.
Problem of world peace is discussed in today’s society. The main question is – will there ever peace be received? How and when? This theme made up the minds of all with different opinions.

Political games, difference in traditions and culture influence on people’s minds. Every man has different thoughts. And for real no one is right. Will there be a nuclear war or no? Will the Jesus Christ come again? All this questions have no answer.

The future of the world cannot predict a human, I guess. My opinion is that the world will never be what it was just an idea created by the human emotion of hope. Our planet and all people lives were created for something better than the WAR. Mark Zizeron said that if we want to see the world we have to fight. And the famous Russian writer Lev Tolstoy said, “The evil of war and peace know all people that as long as we know people, the best wishes were greeting “peace with you”.

So I think all humans just must remember about kindness and be kind to each other. “Be those whose eyes are always looking for the enemy – your enemy. And some of you look a hate at first sight.” Nietzsche

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