Essay about world problems

Essay about world problems

World problems
At the change of the 20 and 21 centuries went uneven and unfair use of natural, human resources and capital, which led to unprecedented social and regional inequalities and, as a consequence, a very substantial deformations in the historical process, greatly aggravated and intensified global problems of our time.

It should be noticed that global problems are typical for the beginning of the third Millennium. Most of them are made by the techno genic civilization. Ecological disasters, global crises in politics, peace and war show to the world that the achieved level of progress in the traditional man-made forms in fact has exhausted its potential. All needs are an exam of the prospects for the development of the world community from the point of view of global issues, structured in three groups.

The first group of relations between the major social communities forms the ideas of a special class of modernity:
prevention of nuclear war, threatening the destruction of civilization and the very existence of life on the planet, curbing the arms race and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, banning the production and use of new systems of weapons of mass destruction, disarmament;
an establishment of a new international economic order on an equitable and mutually beneficial cooperation;
development of progressive forms of political and economic integration with the aim of leveling the society – economic development of the countries and peoples of the world: the elimination of existing distortions and restrictions in planet trade;

Management of scientific and technological development and to overcome the humiliating tendencies in the use of science and technologies.
Bill Gates said, “Men are always afraid of changes. All feared electricity when it was made. People are afraid of coal, gas, engines… It will always be. But IT-technology will change the Earth in future 20 years, so they should not be afraid, we should work with them”. Maybe it’s right? We must not be afraid of all.

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