Essay about world trade organization

Essay about world trade organization

World Trade Organization
Throughout the history of human civilization trade was playing one of the most significant roles in its development. Nowadays, in a world of enormous economy growth, international transit of products and services has become first-rate national issue for most states. In order to provide the best conditions for global commerce the World Trade Organization was found.

The history of the WTO starts in 1948 with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Originally intended as a basis for a world-wide trade organization, it resumed to be a rather effective system itself until 1995, when the modern WTO was established. Since then it remains the biggest global authority for international trade of goods, services and intellectual property. The organization is intended to maintain fair and transparent conditions for all member states, to discourage protectionist and discriminating policies, to support less developed countries and to preserve nature.

The WTO from the very beginning was both praised and criticized for its activities. From one hand, this organization provides great opportunities for emerging markets to enter the world trade arena and to gain a foothold there. From the other hand, the WTO isn’t aimed to deliver prosperity to the member states, it just ensures the best possible equality for those who have enough resources, whilst problems of common people and environmental issues are only affected indirectly.

In the modern world nothing unites countries more than mutually beneficial trade relationships. Nevertheless, the only interests any country pursues are completely its own. In such circumstances an international regulator and arbiter embodied by the WTO is inevitably necessary, regardless of how the declared intentions correlate its real actions.

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