Essay about world war 2

Essay about world war 2

World War II
War is the greatest problem of all time. There is nothing worse than war. Could you imagine how many people had died in wars? The number of victims is horrific and can impress everyone who sees it. One of the disastrous wars was The WW II.
What were the reasons for this war and how did it reflect on the world situation? A lot of historians claim that redeployment of global power after The WW I didn’t suit Germans. They accused Jews of everything bad that happened to Germany after WWI.

That is why the political views of Hitler and his party received a great acclaim of them. Adolf Hitler became a Reichschancellor with help of the president. That step of the President Hindenburg was fatal. Hitler captured the rest of the power by means of force and terror.
He started occupying some neighboring countries on the pretext of uniting all Germans in a single nation. He faked trespassing of Polish soldiers which allowed him enter the Polish lands. Great Britain, France and their allies declared war on Nazi Germany. That is how the WWII began.

The second period of this war began in June 1941. It was the time when Germany invaded The USSR. Fortunately, the severe winter and the number of soviet soldiers push Germany back, but still they occupied some territories of The Soviet Union.
The third period began with a critical phase. This phase was called ‘The Battle of Moscow’. It still remains one of the biggest battles in history. Germans lost a large part of their army.

The fourth period was related to the Western Front where the allies irrevocably took root and made the impact wound on Italian fascism.
The last period took place in Japan. The atomic bombing by Americans and the rapid offensive of The Soviet Army made Japanese surrender and on the second of September the war was officially ended.
Human losses were about 70 million. This is a tragic part of our humanity which we shouldn’t forget in order not to repeat such mistakes.

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