Essay about world wide web

Essay about world wide web

The Global Web
Over the past two decades the world is experiencing revolutionary changes in communications with the advent of the Internet. Mankind has entered a new information phase of its development and its significance is the escape of the world WWW, often sent to as the Internet, can be equated to the advent of electricity. The significance of these changes is hard to comprehend and appreciate fully. It is even more difficult to predict the further development of the Internet and its impact on the global community.

The modern Internet is a separate part of the objective reality. Available to everyone it is an infinite information field, which presents various information – legal and illegal, moral and immoral, social, political, economic, legal, computer, medical, religious and other uploaded in this field a person using the computer. Just 50 years ago, the Internet could be a topic for science fiction novels. Today it is a real, individual man has created a world in which you can be using the computer.

It is no exaggeration to say that the advent of the Internet is one of the major achievements of the cold war, and, as it was then, the most apolitical (3). In 1959, at the initiative of the Pentagon was built, the Agency advanced research projects Agency of the U.S. A. Department of defense – АRPO (Advanced Research Projects Organization). This agency was tasked with development of advanced ideas and technologies that go beyond current needs. The creation of the Internet has become the greatest success of this organization.

On the creation of the Internet was such American scholars and researchers like Joseph Lickliter, Leonard Kleinrock, Lawrence J. Roberts, Bob Kahn and others. Their development has led to the creation in 1969 the first computer network АRPANET, which was the prototype for the creation of the Internet.
In 1972 B. Kahn organized a successful demonstration network АRPANET at the International conference on PK communication. In the same year was presented and an application to Internet e-mail.

Now people from many countries use Internet for talking, for see the news, films and so on. The Web Technologies help people to connect each other from all places of Earth. It’s good and bad at the same time.

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