Essay about world

Essay about world

Essay world
World is too big and at the same time it’s too small. Our planet is wonderful. It has fauna and flora, human beings, amazing sceneries. The material objects differ in sizes, appearance, qualities, colors. On the Earth some creatures crawl, others walk, swim or fly. To say that the world is incredible is to say nothing. The diversity of animals, flowers astounds the imagination. The surface of the Earth is covered by mountains and valleys, plenty of rivers flow across the countries, oceans wash the shores, cities are built near the seas and even deserts.

In the world people are divided into races, nationalities. They’ve got different colors of skin and they speak various languages. We can observe territories where it’s cold all year round or where it never rains. Animals and people accommodate to the conditions of the place they live. It’s an obligatory thing, because each being wants to survive. People learnt how to make a comfort. They created irrigative systems, rural economy, educational structures, medical services, institutes of politics, military departments and others. Science doesn’t stop the work, exploring the earth and the space. Sputniks were launched outside the atmosphere, the Moon has been researched.

In spite of the seeming huge size of our planet, it’s got a strange feature. It is small. People often meet each other in foreign continents, cities. They say it’s a fortune. All events that happen in the world are connected. The weather in Europe influences on the climate of Africa. The global processes change not only one part of our world, but the whole environment. For keeping the Earth in order, clean state and peace the population of the planet mustn’t break the rules. We have to avoid pollution, war conflicts, aggression towards the other nations. We’re responsible for the beauty of the world.

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  1. All the people on the planet need peace. When people live in peace and there are no wars, this is the greatest happiness. People can love and raise children. When there is no war, all work quietly, study, and do their own thing. And most importantly, children grow up in families with their father and mother, who love and educate them.

  2. I really love nature and do not understand those people who are so rude about it. The world in which we live is the only place where we can exist. So why are we so irresponsible in our house. We will not have another, so let’s take care of what we have. No wars and arbitrariness!

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