Essay about young people’s health

Essay about young people’s health

Essay about young people’s health.
Health is very important for people of all ages, no matter if you are adult or old, if you are a child or teen, you don’t want problems with health. Everybody try to improve their health and it is necessary to be done starting from the very early years of life. Children usually don’t pay enough attention to their health because they don’t know why they should take care about it.

That’s why parents are always those who take care about young people’s health. But I believe that parents can’t manage to keep track in every moment of their children life because they at least have their own lives. Children should know that nobody but them can improve their health.

Young people are often very active. They always want to do something and they don’t think about possible consequences. They are full of energy, that’s why they don’t worry about future. And everything is more complicated in future. Keeping your body in good condition in young age provides you better health in future. But they aren’t so many of those who care about it.

In my opinion parents should teach their children how to improve their health. It isn’t simple, but this is the only way to educate them and keep them away from troubles with health, which may be caused by diseases or even bad habits. Young people should understand it and work on their health without parents help in future. This is the main point because if there is no understanding, sooner or later, young people will forget about it.

Young people will soon become adult, a new generation and they don’t need problems with health. It is limited and it needs to be safe. Only people themselves can do anything about health, but they won’t manage it without parents. Helping children understand it is the best investment our parent’s generation can provide for the people of the future.

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  1. Family habits are very important to create right attitude to health in young people. Psychology tests show that people continue to live with habits they adopted in their families. That means that parents need to realize their own unhealthy habits and change themselves first of all.

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