Essay about your best friend

Essay about your best friend

There is absolutely no doubt that friends are among most important and influential people in our lives. Sometimes we look up to them, sometimes we consider them equals but it’s hard to underestimate the importance of their input into our personality. Personally I believe, that friends are the family you get to choose during your lifetime.

There are many people I would say are my friends – I guess I could call myself lucky because of that, – but only one person I would call my best friend – Daniel. He’s a bit older than me and in some ways I could call him my teacher as I learned a lot from him. We come from different countries and sometimes we live thousands miles apart, but it never was an obstacle for our friendship. Actually, it’s quite amazing where you could find your soul mate. When we finally meet during our holidays it’s a never ending laughter and a whole lot of happiness. We both love art in all its forms so we often go to exhibitions and live performances. Another passion that we share is cinema, we often go to see a new movie on its premiere day. So far our favorite director is Tarantino – we immediately agreed on that after watching Inglorious Basterds.

My best friend is the person I know I can completely rely on and he can rely on me. Whenever I feel sad he is there to comfort me and put a smile on my face. He’s there to share with me my good days and the bad. Only with best friends we truly open up and become ourselves. It is often said, that our friends reflect us in many ways. And the person I see when I look at Daniel is so amazing, that it makes me believe, that I’m not that hopeless after all.

All in all, I believe, that if you have at least one person to call your best friend – you’ve already found a priceless treasure and you should hold on to him as tight as you can, as true friends only come once in a lifetime.

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  1. There is some mechanism that I do not understand. In the university people made friends, talked. And I talked with everyone, just joked, participated in every garbage along with everyone. But then suddenly I found out that they were celebrating something together, hanging somewhere, calling even for each other’s family holidays. Somehow became close. And I was a cheerful guy from University, so I stayed with him. It’s about the same at work.

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