Essay about your future career plans

Essay about your future career plans

My future career plans
It is difficult to choose what to take up as a career for today. Parents and teachers all over the world help us with these issues every single day. But what if I want to decide on my own? Will be my choice right? I am going to tell you what rules should everyone follow to be successful in choosing his future career.

You have to realize what makes you really happy, to begin with. It could be a hobby, some extra activities after school or even sport. Why not? Don’t you listen to the warnings of the other people. If you don’t try, you will regret it for the rest of your life. But still, you should be attentive to the remarks you relatives make. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide how to use your natural abilities. As for me, I have chosen teaching as a career. My parents couldn’t believe me first, as there were no teachers in my family at all. Once, I just felt like I could change this world teaching a young generation something that is really worth in this world, like kindness, love and respect.

You can’t build the whole house for one night, that is an easy formula. I was told that the first steps are the most difficult and that I should concentrate on the final result to overcome all the difficulties. I know that teacher has to be a role model for a student and arouse a burning desire for studying, that is why it is necessary to develop yourself and learn something new every day.
First of all, I am going to graduate from the university and get a job.

To become a famous teacher, you should try new methods of studying, that I am also going to do. When I get older, I want to be a lecturer at the university and teach other young and bright future teachers. That is how I see my future career and my progress in it. I believe that everything of this will come true someday, but now I have got a lot of work to do. Here I am, world!

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