Essay about your future family

Essay about your future family

Future family.

Everybody thinks about his future. And I can say that it’s really good when you try to plan your life. Planing can save you from mistakes and disappointmens. Also your dreams can be your goals and it would motivate you.

One of the things which would be in my future – a family. For me family is really important. You can lean on someone, find a support and help. It’s much easier to solve the problems when you have a family. I always imagine me standind with my husband and children in our house. My future husband will be strong and kind, he will love me. One day we would buy a house. I don’t want to have a big house, it should be little, quite and cozy. Maybe we will have children. I want to have a little daughter so that I can play with her. I would teach her to read, to write, to swim, to dance. I know that children is a big responsibility.

It’s hard to make them good people. I will spend a lot of time talking with them about everything they want to know. I will explain them what good is and how to behave. Every weekend we will go to the country and make a picnic, because my parents always took me with them and I enjoyed the meadows and flowers. This will be our tradition.
We will celebrate everything together. New year, Christmas and so on – I think that celebrating it with your family is the best thing ever.

So, as you can see, sometimes I think about my future family. I want to have a good husband and nice children.

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