Essay about your future husband

Essay about your future husband

Essay your future husband
Girls always dream of an ideal. They draw a perfect man in imagination. And when they meet real males the impression can be spoilt, because the original is far from fantasy. A maiden wants to choose a future husband as a future father of her children. The biological instinct forces the girl to be selective, she expects that he’s a defender, a getter, who has to take care of his family and future generation. What do women actually appreciate in men? Which qualities are the main, while choosing a partner for the whole life?

The first is reliability. If the man is trustworthy it isn’t scary to encounter difficulties. He will support his wife and bring everything home. Feeding the family is the second demand. Earning money for the common budget is the man’s responsibility. Otherwise the members can starve and feel uncomfortable. Women are mothers and they have to stay home with babies. This period is not convenient for work, that’s why women nurse their defendless newborns.

The next factor, important for women, is the man’s ability to defend his wife and family. Since ancient times it was right when males defended their habitat, giving shelter and carrying food for females. The weak representatives didn’t have a chance to find a couple. On the genetic level the program of the natural selection works, influencing on the subconsciousness. That’s how the mechanism of choosing is fulfilled.

The future husband nowadays looks a bit different. Girls fought for gender equality so long, that they have got all privileges, which were available for men only. Modern women work, drive a car, make a career. So if the man does not abuse alcohol, drugs, if he’s hard-working and never lifts a hand on women, he’s like hot cakes. And certainly, the basic reason to get married is love. Love’s essential for two people to join their lives and hearts.

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  1. I actually do not believe in divination. But I decided to try for the sake of interest, took photos of several young people I knew and from 5 photos, the ring showed that my future husband will be the guy with whom I now meet …

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