Essay about your future job

Essay about your future job

Essay about your future job.
Choosing your own way in life is always complicated. How is it possible to know what you will do in 10 years time? What if you don’t know what you want to do? It is hard because usually students don’t know what they prefer to do, what opportunities do they have? So, that’s why it is important to decide what you like to do as soon as possible.

In my opinion there are some criteria which can guide us. First of all, you should really like your job. It shouldn’t be something you hate because in that way you will hate your own life. Job should be something like your hobby you enjoy to do. Only work you like will give you satisfaction.

As for me, I haven’t finished my education yet and I have lots of thoughts about my future. For now, I am thinking about my life way in connection with economics sphere. I believe that this route is unexplored in my country and in real need for its developing. But that’s not the big deal actually. It is more important if I can or can’t do it. And I think I can. Mostly because I have mathematical type of mind and some skills in analysis, which are pretty helpful in this kind of business. But that’s not the biggest deal too because what is more important, I really like economics. I think that’s the best profession I will be good at.

I am not bored with calculations but interested in opportunities economics jobs can give to me like making your own business and becoming independent from chiefs. Studying economics brings me satisfaction and that’s why I don’t think anything bad about my future job and don’t worry about perspectives in my life.

But I don’t think that getting job is the most important thing in life. People do what they want, so to achieve happiness we all should do what we enjoy. This thought is very simple, but it takes a lot of time to understand it. With this thought in mind, nothing is impossible.

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