Essay about your future life

Essay about your future life

Essay about your future life
Our future is indefinite, because we can’t foresee it. People plan, dream, want, but their lives can be turned upside down any moment. The laws of the world are ruled by unknown powers, which direct our being in the way they consider to be right for us. Some call this phenomenon God, the others – fate. Anyway, we can’t deny that there’s a force, which interferes in our lives. The past has the quality to stay in memory. We aren’t able to correct it, though. The present is formed every day. We have to make choices, decide something. Only the future is unknown.

Building today means getting ready for the future. All actions, words, thoughts influence on the next period of the life. If now we study, tomorrow we’ll be qualified workers. If we make family and have babies, tomorrow our kids will gift us grandchildren. As we see events make one common chain, where even a little turning defines the further direction. People have noticed long ago, that a case can change their lives. It may be an occasion, a meeting, a problem. The future life has got degraded borders, ten years later one can become a person, nobody will recognize him.

Of course, each parent wishes his child the best. That’s why we try to give the kids a good education, teach them how to defend themselves, explain what the life is, share experiences. This is our direct duty. We worry about their future, when we leave the Earth and won’t be able to help them or give an advice. People earn money to spend it for the sake of their families: build houses, save for any needs, start a business. All these activities are aiming to organize the future, to make sure that everything is under the control.

But they don’t know whether they can come to the end of the dreams and plans or not. So, this facts show the necessity to enjoy today’s life, with all its joy and problems. Only thinking of the present can construct a positive foundation for future success.

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  1. Dreams are always good 🙂 I once dreamed of going to Seattle, and not just to go, but to move there and live, enjoy the local rainy climate. Planning to the small things did not help — the plans have changed, in Seattle has not been visited so far.

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