Essay about your holiday

Essay about your holiday

My holidays
Can you imagine how tired you would be without relaxing holidays? Everyone has to take care of himself and forget about daily routine at least for a week. There is no other way that will keep you healthy and pleased with life. I would like to tell you how important the holidays are for people and in which way everyone can spend them in order to get a positive result, according to my experience.
First of all, you can spend them doing nothing, but will it be rationally?

I went to Turkey on my last holidays. I don’t like to spend time sitting in a hotel room, that is why I brought a brochure with a description of all famous places in that city. I went sightseeing for the next day. There I found out a lot of interesting facts about the city and the Turkish history itself.

Secondly, you can take care of your health, if there is a necessity. As for me, I got a weekly massage at my hotel. Moreover, I found the best relaxation room I have ever seen. To tell you the true, it was one of the best moments of my holidays.
Thirdly, you will have a lot of chances to find new friends or even your true love. I met a perfect girl here in Turkey and now we are pen friends. I’m going to visit her next year and invite her to my place.

And last but not the least, I want to tell you about some funny accidents, which happened to me. No doubt, this is the best part of my holidays. Once, I got lost in the city. The citizens couldn’t understand me and that led me to despair. Fortunately, I heard a native language of mine behind me. It was a real relief to hear someone who speaks the same language as you. I asked him a few questions and figured out that he live in the same country and in the same city as me. I was pleasantly surprised.

To summarize, I can surely say that holidays are good for traveling, self-studying and other things that help you to develop yourself. So, don’t waste your time and take advantage of it.

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