Essay about your school

Essay about your school

Essay about your school.
Studying at school is one of the best periods in our life. It’s a perfect time, when children learn a lot about their future life. It is not only about knowledge people study, but about social growth and living in society meeting friends and communicating with them too. School is like a little life and it is important to learn how to live in this small example of real life. So, I want to share my thoughts about my own school with you.

My school is pretty typical for our country. There are 600 pupils there and about 25 pupils in every class. My school can give children a lot of things. For example there is a sport court near by with space for everybody’s needs like football, volleyball or just for children to play their own games. Of course there is a canteen, PE gym and Assembly Hall for everyday information meetings with Head teacher. Besides, there are some extra activities: extended lessons, sport competitions and language clubs. So, there are more than enough free activities at my school.

What about lessons, they are often very good. Teachers understand pupils and really want to educate them, but at the same time they don’t let us fell absolutely free, which is actually right thing to do. Of course there are some troubles because educational system is far from perfection and that is why lessons can be dull, but teachers care about it and try to communicate with us. So, our conflicts are not damaging for our small society and relationships between pupils are usually warm and positive.

In the end, I would like to say that I like my school, although I complain about it and sometimes have trouble with my interest in lessons. There is a great social climate at school and in my class and I am glad that school gave it to me. I hope my school will improve itself in future and give happiness to its new pupils.

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