Essay about official status in the Indian states of Tamil

Essay about official status in the Indian states of Tamil

Since the 8th century BC begins the frequent invasion of the island by the Tamils from South India. In the 13th century Tamils have already established themselves in the Northern Sri Lanka nasty, on the Jaffna Peninsula, where they created their state.
People. Tamils on tea plantations. Descendants of these immigrants from India formed a group of Sri Lankan Tamils (1872 thousand people), mainly living in the Northern and Eastern regions of Sri Lanka.

Indian Tamils (825 thousand people), ethnically close to Sri Lankan Tamils, also live on the island. They were imported from India to work on tea and rubber plantations only in the middle of the 19th century, so they are concentrated mainly in The Central array.

Until the 1970s, Indian Tamils were considered “stateless”. An agreement was then reached between the governments of India and Sri Lanka that about 2/3 of the members of the community would move to their historic homeland and the rest would be granted Sri Lankan citizenship. In the Northern and Eastern parts of the island inhabited by Sri Lankan Tamils, there is a paramilitary Tamil group, the liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

People. Tamil children. Both the Sri Lankan and Indian Tamils are culturally different from the Sinhalese. This is primarily due to the difference in religion between the two peoples: the Tamils, unlike the Sinhalese, are Hindus (mainly Shiva).
As in India, Sri Lanka’s Tamils strictly follow their caste system. Mixed marriages are rare.

Tamils are lungi, resembling the Sinhalese sarong or dhoti. Tamils wear Sari, mostly made of bright cotton fabric.
Tamil, as well as singular wear a lot of jewelry, but unlike singular of Tamika like nasal jewelry (outlet).

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