Essay on anti-money laundering

Essay on anti-money laundering

Essay on the fight against money laundering
There is a war all over the world against corruption, bribery and, of course, money-laundering.
I especially love to sin that those people who have access to money. The more money comes, the more people want to steal them, but under the mask of legitimate spending them. For example, the money came to build two hospitals. A large amount appear hunters. Why spend the entire amount when you can buy it 2 – 3 things for one hospital, the second leave alone until, and on paper to make sure that the entire amount will be spent on two hospitals. That is a beauty! Де5ньги in his pocket, the hospital’s new bed and pillow.

Everyone’s happy. With this outrage, of course, is a struggle. In service are. This corruption of the official is severely suppressed by law enforcement agencies.
Money laundering commenced with the United States. It was connected with the dry law, the fight against prostitution and gambling. It then began a shadow side. The rich began to try to legalize their income from illegal “enterprises”.

Gradually, the US authorities have developed a set of measures to combat such “evil”. But the contagion reached other countries.
The main method of struggle is the gradual exposure of shadow schemes for the legalization of income. Detection of the main persons of shadow business is also a method of combating illegal actions.

Finding shell companies and individuals through which the fraudster legalizes his “shadow” income – this is also one of the means to combat “fraudsters” large and small scale.

The country’s economy depends on the effectiveness of the fight against money-laundering, as it is deprived of cash flows, and sometimes there is an outflow from the Treasury into private hands of Finance.Therefore, all measures taken by the state to combat this evil are justified.

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