Essay on money laundering in pakistan

Essay on money laundering in pakistan

Essay on money laundering in Pakistan
There is no country in the world that does not like easy money. Many countries have very strict looking after their business, who are very fond of their “blood” money. But to get them sometimes you have to come up with new schemes, and to launder the earned capital.

Pakistan is one of the countries where you can launder your finances and make a great future. But not only themselves, but also their children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. “hawala” is a system of transferring values and money. In Pakistan, all this is quite legal.

Of course, other countries are well aware that so their 2 fraudsters” withdraw profits from illegal business and the shadow sector. But nothing can be done by any country, as it is fraught with conflict with Pakistan itself.

“Crooks” for 4 centuries legalize their” illegal ” money without damage to themselves and their well-being. Drug dealers, scammers, underground – a small circle of people who use the services of Pakistan. It should be noted that Russian scammers also do not bypass such a wonderful place by the side, as it provides great opportunities. Sending just a message on the phone, you can get” clean” out of the water and with a large amount of money.

For example: banned in Russia gambling houses, casinos bring their owners a lot of money, which requires their legalization. “Businessman “is enough only to take the phone, make a few clicks, and he is a real” hard worker”, honest and not bribed man from an ordinary person it is different only that in his now” pocket ” a huge amount of money.

The sale of drugs, despite its allure and popularity among “businessmen” is very dangerous, but very profitable business. Withdrawal through “halava” helps such people to have large sums of money.

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