Essay papers about leadership

Essay papers about leadership

Strong Leadership
The current level of development of production contributes not only to global changes in the business, but also a colossal coup in the socio-economic environment of society. The old mechanisms for managing this production, when the staff was perceived as a kind of faceless and as statist mass, fulfilling a certain goal, is now well forgotten.

Today, the management of any, even the smallest organization, requires an entirely new tactic and strategy. The association brought new psychological aspects of team management, which are the main tools of the current manager.
In relations with subordinates one can distinguish such a significant moment – a reasonable measure of freedom of action of the subordinate – the main prerequisite for increasing the efficiency of his work.

A bad (ineffective) leader suppresses the ability and initiative of his subordinates. Good chef attentive to people. He analyzes the situations in which he interacts with them. He knows when a team expects from him one or another line of behavior, determination or complacency.

The secret of the manager’s effectiveness is not to restrict himself to the strict limits of one style, but also to adhere to the basic principles of human leadership. Feedback The supervisor must know the opinion of the subordinates on the decision taken.
Subordinates always seek to know about the evaluation of the work done directly from the head. The head must be able to accurately and timely evaluate the work done.

An effective leader objectively assesses the role of work in people’s lives, without exaggeration or diminishing it, helping its subordinates develop the right psychological orientation, establish the right scale of vital values, clearly define the place of work in their lives.

Good leadership must be learned only then the results will be achieved!

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