Essay “questions about technology”

Essay “questions about technology”

Can a modern person live without technology
A person living in cities and megacities is so dependent on technology that it is difficult to imagine even one day without the amenities of using the phone, the Internet, transportation, household appliances, etc. The ability to earn the money needed for survival depends on technology.

In order to get to the place of work, you need to take advantage of transport technologies, if you don’t want to walk for a long time. Today almost all kinds of work are connected with computer technologies: the programs provide emergency services, state institutions, enterprises, shops, hospitals, educational institutions.

If you turn off this system for at least an hour, life stops. What will happen to humanity in the event of a prolonged failure in the operation of technology. For most, it will be a disaster. People need to remember that life without computers is possible. Comedian George Karlin joked that a man would return to the state of the barbarian if electricity turns off. Many now do not know how to survive in natural conditions, how to cultivate land without machinery, how to grow the right foods. In addition to TV and social networks, people need to spend more time in the real world, learn it and show it to their children. Unfortunately, we are all so confused in the world network that it became difficult to get out of it for at least one day.

What if you go somewhere far away from civilization, disconnect all communications and live for some time. Probably, everyone will pull his hand to the pocket of the phone, at least for hours to find out the time. In this case, the time seems to stop, the day seems longer and we enjoy real life. Not that in the city turmoil, where in the intervals between phone calls and correspondence we have a moment to notice what color the sky was at sunset today. And sometimes we do not know. You need to feel more free man, not dependent on technology.

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