Essay “questions about the holocaust”

Essay “questions about the holocaust”

In world practice, there are few examples of activities during which the destruction of people on the basis of their ethnicity was practiced and even welcomed at the state level. The most striking and memorable for modern people were two: the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire during the First world war and the mass murder of Jews during the Second world war. It is the second example for its mass character and global nature that the Holocaust was named.

Many scientific works have been devoted to the study of this phenomenon of world history after the war. In them, scientists have tried to find the roots of this process and to sum it up, at least approximately counting the number of people subjected to destruction. The evidence of German war criminals given to the investigators of The international Tribunal, as well as archival documents of Nazi Germany from 1933-1945, were used as a basis. Although there is still no exact number of Jews who died in this campaign, the process is divided into 3 stages by the majority of researchers.

The first stage is the survival of Jews from Germany and from the countries captured by it. This has been done through the adoption of laws that discriminate against them.

The second stage was the mass formation of Jewish districts in large cities, called “ghettos” with the organization of self – government systems-judenrats and police units from among the Jews themselves. The judenrats were to provide for the life of the ghetto, while carrying out all the orders of the German occupation administrations. Police forces followed the order, and sometimes involved in the convoy service.

The third stage-the burning of Jews at the stake. The mass extermination of the Jews was put to an end by the offensive of the allied forces in 1944-1945, during which all concentration camps were liberated, and Hitler’s Germany ceased to exist. Thus, an end was put to the Holocaust, during which about 6 million European Jews were killed, and several hundred thousand were forced to emigrate to other countries.

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